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J&J Foods is about service, but more about how we serve…
Most companies say that customer service is important.  At J&J, we believe that how we serve customers is more important.  We anticipate needs and look for opportunities to provide more service than is expected.  We empower our leaders and managers to make decisions.  We make exceptional efforts to locate and acquire requested products.
From our Store Directors to our maintenance staff, every associate hired is chosen for their service tendencies.  Every product ordered for our shelves is selected to meet customer needs and requests. And every pricing decision we make is about offering more savings to those who trust J&J for fresh and healthy food. 

J&J Foods is about families…

If service doesn’t come to mind when people think about J&J Foods, they may think, “great prices” or “fresh meats and produce”.  But what J&J Foods is really about, is families.  First, J&J Foods has been a family business since 1976.  Owned and operated by the Wiley family for more than thirty-five years, J&J has served three generations of North Georgia families.

Many families in our community have needs. At J&J, just as at other companies, the resources available for assistance to families are limited.  As a food store, we believe we can have the greatest impact by focusing donations and other resources on feeding the hungry and homeless in the communities we serve.  In addition, J&J contributes to organizations that provide services to families such as healthcare, counseling, and shelter.

Families from all over North Georgia have supported our business year after year.  To those families that shop in our stores, teach their children to shop in our stores, and encourage their friends to shop at J&J, we are truly grateful.  We pledge to continue to work to be deserving of your loyalty.


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Our Mission
To be the favorite grocery store with the freshest foods in the communities we serve!
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