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Serve it up fried at fall festivals

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” This quote is originally attributed to Anne of Green Gables and I couldn’t agree more. October is full of cool breezes, colorful trees, first fires and fall festivals.
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An apple for every taste bud

One of the best things about living in Northeast Georgia is undoubtedly the proximity to the mountains, especially when those mountains start producing apples. And now is the perfect time to start planning recipes to use the delicious fruits.
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Traditional dinner table debates at the Wiley household

Family meals are so important for our children, those still at home and those who have left the nest. We can leave a legacy of good food and fellowship to them through family meals.
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It's National Family Meals Month

Well, it’s September and all God’s people said? Amen. I fully realize that the hot weather isn’t over but September does bring the hope of autumn. And by this time of the year, I think it goes without saying that we are hoping and dreaming of fall. September also brings with it the beginning of football season. As tempted as I am to discuss the schedule, players, coaches, and let’s be honest, the game day outfit and tailgating food, I’ll save that for another day. My thoughts for today focus on September as National Family Meals Month.
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Showing hospitality with true Southern food

Last week, Darrell and I had the pleasure of hosting two young ladies from Up with People in our home. What a wonderful time we had with Regina of China and Mathilde of Belgium. Up with People, a multinational education and service organization, is celebrating 50 years of traveling the world. These young people spread a positive message of unity through music and dance.
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Simple meal on school nights

I admit it. I was different than most of the other kids. I was the one who could hardly wait to get back to school. I loved seeing my friends, meeting new teachers, getting fresh crayons, and writing my name in those empty notebooks that held a world of learning possibilities. Every year I would lay awake the night before school started, imagining what the new school year would hold.
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